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"You will always be in a Category. You either define it or let a competitor do it."

Solutions Position
Solutions Position

Position, or Be Positioned

Whether we realize it or not, we are continually categorizing our world and our interaction with it. We’re “wired” for category from day one. It’s how we survived in our primitive days, and now it’s how we deal with the “noisy” world we live in.

There’s lots of brain and neuroscience we can point to, but the point is, it’s a great opportunity to leverage this condition to our advantage.

Your company and its products / solution will always be in a category. The question is, do you want to follow the current category and its positioning, or do you want to re-define it? Or decide to design an entirely new category?

All three of these options face companies, but in reality the vast majority just follow the existing category and its definition. This also means that when (not if) the category is redefined by someone else, you will need to follow it.

Think Different, Not Just Better

We are Category Designers. We work with leadership teams to help them define, develop and ultimately dominate a new category of business.


The Out-Position team has experience and a track-record that you can leverage and catalyse for your category strategy and design.

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We work alongside you for this design-thinking process, from the problem clarity and category defined, to a powerful point of view.