Out-Position the Competition

Out-Position from the box / market / quadrant…
that you are being forced into

Point of View

Have a unique, compelling Point of View

Most companies lead their “story” and positioning with their products or themselves.

Point of View

Differentiate, and cut through to your audience

We help you weave your strategy into story and create a compelling narrative.

Category Design

Design and dominate your Category

Want to play bigger and truly define and dominate your Category?

Category Design

We catalyze and guide your Category strategy

This proven design-thinking methodology is combined with our own experience and creativity to partner with you.

Ecosystem Optimization

Think bigger: the entire Category Ecosystem

You have a unique ecosystem across customers, channel partners, government agencies, analysts, and many more players.

Ecosystem Optimization

We vitalize and guide your Ecosystem strategy

This powerful ecosystem visualization as well as ongoing tracking and intelligence, enhances your ability to communicate and ultimately dominate your Category.


Some of the Great Teams and
Companies we have worked with

Our Perspective


The Out-Position team has experience and a track-record that you can leverage and catalyse for your category strategy and design.

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We work alongside you for this design-thinking process, from the problem clarity and category defined, to a powerful point of view.