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Point of View

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“Show me a company without a clear story and I will show you a company without a clear strategy”

The Problem is the Problem

We help you and your team crystalize thinking and articulation of the problem you are solving. This makes your Point of View powerful and relevant to your key audiences. It becomes a compelling, natural story that very deliberately embeds your strategy within it.

This is enabled by a design thinking approach that takes you and your team through a clear, step process that also harnesses and leverages creativity. It begins with a deep exploration of the problem you are solving today and into the future. This may sound simple, but in many cases companies try to tell you about their product, or about themselves (such as when established; awards; or “market-leading”).

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“A great point of view enables you to talk with, not at, your audience”


Strategy into Story

We catalyze you to reach a “Strategy into Story” and a powerful, differentiated Point of View. This drives you as a more aligned team, as well communicating consistently to external audiences, and positioning your brand and company in a clear, methodical way.


The Out-Position team has experience and a track-record that you can leverage and catalyse for your category strategy and design.

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We work alongside you for this design-thinking process, from the problem clarity and category defined, to a powerful point of view.